How to tread water:


Take a lung full of air and let your body slide beneath the surface, completely relaxed. You'll come back to the surface floating.


Bring your arms (and a leg too if you wish) forward slowly and easily to the position shown. Don't hurry -- there is no rush. Be completely relaxed and lazy about it.


Give a slow, easy, downward push with your arms and legs. At the same time, raise your head just high enough to get your nose and mouth out of the water. Keep your shoulders under; stay as low in the water as you possibly can.


With a little practice, you can easily learn to start letting your breath out through your nose on the way up. As your head comes above the surface, a slightly stronger push with your hands will hold you above water long enough to enable you to inhale slowly through your mouth.


Hold your breath, relax, and let your body slide back beneath the surface. As your body slides back down, let the natural resistance of the water raise your arms effortlessly into position for the next push. Within a second or two, your body will stop sinking and start rising again toward the surface.